Restorative Yoga With Susan Richards


Simply by being human you have stress in your life. Take time to unwind, relax, and turn off the fight-or-flight switch. In Restorative Yoga we use lots of props to support the body comfortably in poses that gently move the body towards a more quiet state. Use of introspective breath-work helps you focus on the moment, encouraging you to acknowledge the gift of peace that is within. Contact me for my current teaching schedule.

Supported Child's Pose


Turning Point, The Center for Hope and Healing - offers education services and tools that inspire people to take charge of their illness and live life to its fullest. Contact Turning Point to see if you are eligible to participate in their program. I have been granted the opportunity to occasionally teach yoga at this facility and am grateful to help empower others to feel more comfortable in their bodies as they calm their minds.


If you are interested in booking me for a yoga workshop at your studio or place of business Contact me for pricing and availability. 



Corporate Yoga classes; for the beginner to the seasoned yogi. Start your day settling onto your mat as we deepen our observation of the breath, and work within your own personal possibilities  - moving our bodies in every directions with postures which are focused on alignment, stability, balance, and core strength. Adding a weekly yoga class to your corporate wellness program is a win for everyone. Contact me for pricing and availability.




In a private setting or small group classes the goal is to promote wellness through the use of safely guided movement with the students' specific needs in mind. Built upon with a prescriptive plan of a physical therapist, yoga adds the mind/body connective element to any healing plan. Contact me for pricing and availability.