"Yoga Gets Better with Age" - a workshop for Baby Boomers

"Now that I’ve had a few days to digest your workshop, I’d like to share some of my thoughts with you. Your approach to individual poses helped me to see the yoga poses I’ve been practicing for 10 years (That went by fast!)with new eyes.  I especially appreciated the instructions for using props to teach myself to feel the pose. It was also great to have a chance to take my time getting into each pose and observing what’s going on inside the pose. The equipment you brought - both commonly available things like chairs or blankets and the more dedicated inversion bench (head-stander) was such an eye opener. I had no idea these things even existed! And I especially appreciate the Pinterest site showing all the poses we did so I didn’t have to remember everything. There was so much content in your workshop that I know I’d never retain it all. The most important thing I took away was a new attitude about my home practice.  Up to now, I’ve struggled to build a home practice. I thought I lacked discipline (true!) but your suggestion to just try out one pose a day and seeing if that leads to more was a game changer!  I realize now that I was assuming that a "home practice" meant getting out the mat and props and doing a full yoga class.  Silly! It's so much more approachable to just take a few minutes to work on a pose that I’ve actually done so several days since your workshop.  And, it’s amazing how one pose leads to another!  I’m not doing a whole class, but I do recall reading in a yoga book that there is no such thing as too little yoga, that any yoga is better than none.  I don’t know if I will ever get to the stage of doing a whole hour practice, but I know I’ll be doing more yoga at home on a regular basis.  Yet another justification for dressing in yoga pants every day! :-) Thank you for sharing some of your knowledge!" - Jeanette, Baby Boomer, Overland Park, KS

"Susan is so full of knowledge and experience and is excellent in sharing that with her students. The' Yoga gets better with age  workshop' had many supported poses with correct alignment to practice that builds strength and confidence. The workshop helps me to feel confident that yoga will always be part of my life..there is always a way to achieve success. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your vast knowledge." - Connie, Retired Nurse, Lenexa, KS

Yoga For Back Care Workshop

"I attended Susan's yoga workshop to help my back pain. I loved the positive messages throughout the program. I felt at home in the studio. Susan has a gentle presence which puts the class at ease from the start. I will incorporate several easy stretching poses every morning. She gave practical advice to make it more possible to do the poses before getting up in the morning. " - Noreen, RN, MSN, Overland Park, Kansas

Teachers Training: Posture, The Joints, The Spine

"A note of GRATITUDE! Lessons I learned in your Healthy Joints and Back Care class will be making a significant and positive difference as I approach my yoga practice moving forward. The variety of teaching techniques used allowed students with mixed learning styles and yoga experience to grasp the curriculum contents. Engaging in demonstrations as mock student or teacher roles permitted each participant reiteration of techniques learned for self clarification. The pace of the class gave ample time for those clarifications. The handouts afforded opportunity for note taking and future reference. Susan, I am more confident in my approach to my yoga practice and am encouraged that I can practice with a new mind set of addressing my points of progress (new label) vs. my nagging limitations! I'm proud to be a student of Susan Richards!" - Kim, RN,  Olathe, Kansas

Private Group Class for Patients

"The yoga techniques and sequences Susan Richards teaches can dramatically improve a person's spinal health. I recommend her classes to many of my patients because I know her approach to therapeutic yoga will greatly improve their desired outcome.  Everyone needs a Susan on their health team." - Dr. Cory Koch, BS, DC, Olathe, Kansas     

Yoga Basics Group Class

"Susan gave me the courage to try yoga. I need to avoid activities that might result in back strain, and for far too long, I assumed that included yoga. With Susan's encouragement and her expertise with modifications, I found that yoga actually helps my back and my general fitness. Her classes are enjoyable and challenging (but not "too"). I certainly recommend Susan as a yoga teacher!" - Trish, International Language Teacher, Lawrence, Kansas

"Susan is an excellent yoga teacher. She is kind, gentle, and caring while giving you the personal space you need to relax and explore your own yoga experience. Susan is, hands down, my favorite yoga teacher, ever." - Amy, Kansas City, Missouri

Restorative Group Class

"Your calm, genuine, and caring demeanor is part of why the class is restorative for me. Thank you for doing what you do!" - Melissa, DVM, Shawnee Mission, Kansas

"Susan's class is an A+. I usually go to her classes wiped out and stressed out from the day. I come out feeling peaceful and human again. I'd recommend her class for both men and women at any age or physical abilities. You do not have to be competent in yoga, just willing to give over a little time. Susan is always serene and makes the process very rewarding." - JoAnne, Overland Park, Kansas

"Susan is the best instructor! Her Relax and Restore classes make you never want to leave. It is the fastest 1 1/2 hours I spend each week. If you have never attended her Relax and Restore class, I highly recommend it. It is my 'get my sanity back' on Wednesday nights." - Debi, Office Manager, Stilwell, Kansas

Thank you for your kind words. I am grateful!

Thank you for your kind words. I am grateful!

"I highly recommend Susan's restorative yoga classes. Her depth of knowledge, deep sense of compassion, and intuitive nature combine for a very nurturing and nourishing experience." - Diane, RN, Shawnee, Kansas

Private Sessions

"You have changed my outlook on life so much for the better and I don't have enough words to express my sincere thanks to you. Your words of wisdom that resonate in my ears are very therapeutic." - Dr. of Internal Medicine, Santa Rosa, CA