Private Sessions

For your own well being, One-on-One Private therapeutically based sessions are available to deepen your practice, help as you recover from an injury or a surgery, or managing a chronic challenge you face every day.  A minimum of two 1-hr sessions are required.

Session 1: During the first session a brief assessment is taken and your range of motion is evaluated; after which I creates a personalized yoga program for you to practice at home. Your sequence of poses will addresses the specific needs based on any issues you are having - such as back pain, joint instability, insomnia, scoliosis, anxiety, etc.

Session 2: During the second session, I will guide you through your personalized sequence. Each individualized pose is evaluated, adjustments are made and postures are modified as necessary.

Follow-up sessions are available with me on a weekly, monthly or even yearly fine-tuning basis; whatever is deemed appropriate for the student.

I am available for private yoga instruction sessions for those students who seek more individual attention and guidance than what is provided in a group class, or for those who simply wish to deepen their personal practice.

If you would like me to be your private teacher, please contact me for my information and scheduling.

"My goal as your private teacher is to help you feel more comfortable in your body, no matter what the struggle; so you may face each day with greater ease and joy." - Susan Richards